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Message from the President of Administrative Committee

Hello! Welcome to browse our homepage. The mission of the AAJS is including advocated the legal universal, increases the citizen to realize, protect to the resident's right to exempt is harmed; Provide the opinion on the law, the society and youth affairs; Promotes the citizen to the resident to realize; Furthermore for the public figure which has the need for free provides the legal consultation service and voluntarily transfers attorney. AAJS devotes rapidly and effectively fulfills the above mission.

The AAJS must set up the way which and the resident links up, in order to provides a better service. Therefore, our affiliation a succession of work plan, positively on own initiative is promoting the legal knowledge and the civic education to the resident, and deepens them to the understanding which originally can work. We also hoped uses this homepage to expand the contact stratification between the AAJS and residents.

In order to improve and resident's contact stratification, as well as enable the information flow to reach the consummation, we newly have recently supposed this homepage.Therefore, as to rapidly disseminate originally can the most recent information, lets the Macau and the overseas resident develop has a deeper understanding to this meeting work.

Finally, hoped this homepage can provide the useful information for anybody. If wants to obtain more about the AAJS information, wants to become to our member or the service which provides to the AAJS has the any comment, very welcome to contact with us.

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